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About the Refurbished Norstar CICS Phone System also known as the Compact ICS Telephone System

Well Congratulations! You either own one of the best systems ever made or you want to purchase one of the best ever made. We just love this product here at Craig Communications. Its one of the most well made units on the market. The telephones that go with this KSU are the T7000 or the older M7000 series telephone sets. Both of these series were and are some of the best out there as well. They just dont break!! Honestly, they are bullet proof. We have had installers across the country agree that these units are one of the best ever made. Its a love hate relationship. They love to sell the ICS Compact Telephone System to end users because they dont get calls from the customer telling them that something failed but then again they dont get any calls! So the installers do not make return trips to fix problems that normally come up with other competitive brands.

The Norstar Compact ICS NT7B58 KSU has been discontinued. If its malfunctioning, you might want to think about just keeping this Unit and send it in to get REPAIRED. This can save you money in the long run. We also repair all the circuit cards as well. This Compact ICS was and still is the best on the market. Why waste hard earned money on newer telecom equipment that has all the same features but for thousands of dollars more. Dont let your local dealer talk you into upgrading your Compact ICS Telephone System so that he can meet his quota for the year! Say No and call us to repair you unit today. We also repair ALL the M and T Series telephone sets and Nortel Compact ICS circuit cards. Call today and save. 800-306-3377

If you business has outgrown the Norstar CICS Phone System, then it might be time to upgrade. The only better solution to these systems would be to think about a Cloud Hosted Solution from Craig Communications. These systems can really save you in the long run if you have eight or more lines. You must have enough bandwidth through your internet provider as well. Call us today to talk with one of our trained cloud consultants who can explain the cloud hosted solution for your specific application. 800-306-3377. Dont let the new technology intimidate you. We will hold you hand the whole way so that you are another happy cloud customer! 800-306-3377.

After you decide to upgrade and you have an old Nortel Norstar CICS Phone System ready to throw out, call us first! There might still be some value in that old unit. SELL YOUR TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT TO CRAIG COMMUNICATIONS FOR CASH! We still love this old Compact ICS Telephone System. Some still have value. Email us a list of equipment you are looking to sell and one of our Purchasing Representatives will send you a bid.

If There Is a Norstar CICS Phone System or Compact ICS Telephone System Circuit Cards That You Dont See on This Page, Please Call Today. We Carry Them All! 800-306-3377


Norstar CICS Phone System, Compact ICS Telephone System

Norstar CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 7.0 Software & Caller ID NT7B58BA CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 7.1 Software & Caller ID NT7B58BA CALL N/A
Norstar CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 7.0 Software & No Caller ID NT7B58AA CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 7.1 Software & No Caller ID NT7B58AA CALL N/A
Norstar CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 4.1 Software & Caller ID NT7B58BA CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 4.1 Software & Caller ID NT7B58BA N/A CALL
Norstar CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 4.1 Software & (No Caller ID) NT7B58AA CICS KSU 4x16 w/ 4.1 Software & (No Caller ID) NT7B58AA N/A CALL
Norstar Compact ICS 7.0 software NTBB7B66 Compact ICS 7.1 software NT7B66 $260 N/A
Norstar 4 line LS/DS module NT7B75GA 4 line LS/DS module NT7B75GA CALL $175
Norstar 4 line LS/DS module w/ Caller ID NT5B41GA 4 line LS/DS module w/ Caller ID NT5B41GA CALL $285
Norstar 8 station module NTBB04GC-93 8 station module NTBB04GC-93 CALL CALL


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