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This is the Web site for the Meridian M2000 Telephones also know as Meridian M2000 Series

If your are looking for Meridian M2000 Models, you have arrived at the right web page.

The Meridian M2000 Telephones will work with or are compatible with the following Systems:

SL1, Option 11, 61, 51, 81 and CS1000 Systems. These models come only in two colors for these telephones- Charcoal or Platinum.

We carry most of the Meridian M2000 Models and Handsets for your office needs.
At Craig Communications, we provide you telephones that are affordable and will not blow out your budget. One of our very knowledgeable sales associates will be able to guide you in finding an affordable replacement Meridian M2000 Component or the Meridian M2000 Telephones. If you have had a power surge, you may need to replace Phone System components with our reliable and refurbished circuit cards. Craig Communications has all components which are refurbished from the Manufacturer. Call Today! 800-306-3377

If you are finally upgrading your telecom equipment and are wanting to SELL YOUR SYSTEM or your Meridian M2000 equipment, EMAIL US TODAY YOUR INVENTORY LIST. WE PAY CASH!!!

Stop all your searching of pages and pages on the Internet for Telephones. Put your mouse down and and start dialing for Meridian M2000 Telephones. Call us today to order! 800-306-3377. Why shop anywhere else? Craig Communications has the best customer service and quality on the internet.

We can also REPAIR your Meridian M2000 Components and Meridian M2000 Telephones

Some of the Used Nortel Telephones we carry are the M3905, M3902 and the very popular M3904. We also carry handsets and the stands for the telephones as well. Please call us to discuss which telephones or component you may need for your business or office.



Let us assist you in finding the Nortel Meridian M2000 Series Phones you may need for your small or large business. Craig Communications offers refurbished Meridian M2000 Telephones and all the systems that they work on with the highest quality you will find in the secondary market. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Call today to find the perfect Nortel phone application for your office. All backed by a Rock Solid One Year Warranty. Call Today 800-306-3377.

If You Do Not See the Telephones You Are Looking For Please Call Us. 800-306-3377

Nortel Meridian M2000 Series Phones

Meridian 1 Telephones

M2616 B Line Powered Nortel phone NT2K/NT9K   M2616 B Line Powered  phone NT2K/NT9K 
N/A $90
M2616 B Non-Line Powered Nortel phone NTZK M2616 B Non-Line Powered phone NTZK N/A N/A
M2616 D Line Powered Nortel phone NT2K/NT9K M2616 D Line Powered phone NT2K/NT9K N/A $95
M2616 D Non-Line Powered Nortel phone NTZK M2616 D Non-Line Powered phone NTZK N/A N/A
M2616 CT cordless Nortel phone M2616 CT cordless phone
CM-16 cordless Aastra phone CM-16 cordless Aastra phone $315 N/A
M2616 22 button add on module NT2K22 M2616 22 button add on module NT2K22
N/A $85
M2616 Single foot stand M2616 Single foot stand
CALL $15
M2616 Double foot stand M2616 Double foot stand
CALL $25
M2250 Console Nortel phone M225035 M2250 Attendant Console - M225035
Call $450
M2216 Nortel phone NTZK18GH M2216 phone NTZK18GH
$225 $145
M2006 Nortel Phone NT2K05/NT9K05 M2006 Phone NT2K05/NT9K05
N/A $70
M2008 Basic Nortel phones NTZK M2008 Basic phones NTZK
N/A $75
M2008 Basic Nortel phones NT9K/NT2K M2008 Basic phones NT9K/NT2K
N/A $75
M2008 Basic Hands Free Nortel Phone NT9K/NT2K M2008 Basic Hands Free Phone NT9K/NT2K
N/A $80
M2008 Display Nortel phone NT9K/NT2K M2008 Display phone NT9K/NT2K
N/A $90
Nortel M2008 Display Hands Free Nortel phone NT9K/NT2K Nortel M2008 Display Hands Free phone NT9K/NT2K
N/A $95
M2009 Nortel Telephones NT1F05  M2009 Telephones NT1F05  N/A $75
Nortel M2112 w/power supply Nortel Telephones Nortel M2112 w/power supply Telephones
N/A $90
M2317 Nortel Telephones NT1F21 M2317 Telephones NT1F21
N/A $115


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