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About the Iwatsu Cordless Phones and Iwatsu Wireless Telephones

Ok, here is the story with these Iwatsu Wireless Telephones. They are EXTREMELY HARD to keep in stock. Period. These phones have not been manufactured in years and there is no support on them from Iwatsu. So this has been a big problem with their customers who purchased these Iwatsu Cordless phones. When they become defective, its very tough to find these. Please CALL US before you give up. We do get them in stock from time to time. We also will put you on a Iwatsu Cordless Phones list so when we get them in, you are the first to know.

Whether you are looking for wireless telephones or cordless phones, Craig Communications can help you with all your telecom needs. We Buy and Sell and Repair most major brands of telephone systems.

Wireless Telephones are VERY delicate. You can drop them one time and the mother board cracks inside and the phone is unrepairable. You have to be very careful with any wireless or cordless phones. The number one reason customers calling looking for these Wireless Telephones is because they were dropped.

We at Craig Communications pride ourselves on our customer service. We will go out of our way to make you another one of our happy customers. See what some of our happy customers have said about us in the past. Read our TESTIMONIALS.

If you are getting tired of dealing with your old Iwatsu Phone system and all your Iwatsu Wireless Telephones are defective, Maybe its time to SELL YOUR PHONE SYSTEM or Cordless Phones to Craig Communications.

We BUY most major brands of out of service telecom gear. Just email us a detailed list of your inventory and a purchasing representative will get right back to you with a quote. Its that easy. We have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 17 years. We would love to hear from you! Call Today 800-306-3377

If You Do Not See The Iwatsu Wireless Telephones or Iwatsu Cordless Phones You Are Looking For Please Call Us. 800-306-3377

Iwatsu Wireless Telephones

IX-DCKT-900 Cordless Iwatsu phone IX-DCKT-900 Cordless Iwatsu phones
IX-DCKT-970 Cordless Iwatsu phone IX-DCKT-970 Cordless Iwatsu phones
IX-PS-6 Omega Trek Wireless Iwatsu phone IX-PS-6 Omega Trek Wireless Iwatsu phones
(base station not included)


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