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About the Iwatsu ZTD Telephones or Iwatsu Omega ZTD Phones

Well, its been 30 years and you still are using the Iwatsu ZTD Telephones. The boss just doesn't want to part with this old system. So one day you walk into the office and the whole phone system is dead. So what do you do? Well, you have a few choices with these old Iwatsu Omega ZTD Phones.

Your first option is to call us and replace either the power supply or the maybe a few of the systems circuit cards or a few of the phones.

Your other option would be to REPAIR YOUR IWATSU ZTD TELEPHONES. We have a first class repair facility that will make your equipment look brand new down to the circuitry. The whole unit is disassembled and repaired, cleaned, tested and painted ( if need be). One the process if finished, we put our ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL Iwatsu Omega ZTD Phones and off it goes back to your business.

Your last and final option is if you are just tired of those particular Iwatsu Telephones and system, then its time to play... SELL YOUR IWATSU ZTD PHONES and System.

So, we have laid out all your options for you and your boss. (or maybe you are the boss). At Craig Communications, we offer Iwatsu models at prices your company can afford.

Don't delay....... CALL US TODAY !!! 800-306-3377 regarding your Iwatsu Omega ZTD Phones

DO NOT THINK THAT CHEAP TELECOM EQUIPMENT IS ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO. When shopping for a system for your office on the Internet, never shop strictly on price. Service is a factor that many Internet shoppers overlook. When you shop strictly by price, you miss the hidden costs incurred when the Iwatsu ADIX Telephones don’t meet your expectations or require additional service. Our prices are competitive AND we back equipment up with service and warranties. That is why Craig Communications excels in customer service and earns repeat business from our customers who purchase Iwatsu Omega ADIX Phones.

If You Do Not See The Iwatsu ZTD Telephones You Are Looking For Please Call Us. 800-306-3377

Iwatsu ZTD Telephones


ZT6K Iwatsu Telephones ZT6K Telephones N/A CALL
ZT6D Iwatsu Telephones ZT6D Telephones N/A CALL
ZT8K Iwatsu Telephones ZT8K Telephones N/A CALL
ZT8D Iwatsu Telephones ZT8D Telephones N/A CALL
ZT12K Iwatsu Telephones ZT12K Telephones N/A $105
ZT12D Iwatsu Telephones ZT12D Telephones N/A $115
ZT12X Iwatsu Telephones ZT12X Telephones N/A $115
ZT24K Iwatsu Telephones ZT24K Telephones N/A $100
ZT24D Iwatsu Telephones ZT24D Telephones N/A $125
ZT32C Iwatsu DSS ZT32C DSS N/A $90

Iwatsu ZTD Telephones


ZS-6KTS-SP Iwatsu phone ZS-6KTS-SP Phone N/A $115
ZS-6KTD-SP Iwatsu phone
ZS-6KTD-SP Phone
N/A $120
ZT-12KTS-SP Iwatsu phone
ZT-12KTS-SP Phone
N/A $115
ZT-12KTX-SP Iwatsu phone ZT-12KTX-SP Phone N/A $128
ZT-24KTS-SP Iwatsu phone ZT-24KTS-SP Phone N/A $125
ZT-24KTX-SP Iwatsu phone
ZT-24KTX-SP Phone
N/A $130
ZT-DSS Iwatsu Console
ZT-DSS Console
N/A $105


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