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Welcome to the NEC DS1000/2000 Phones Page from Nitsuko America.

Have you been looking for a NEC DS1000/2000 telecommunications solution from a reputable company like Nitsuko America ? Are you trying to find a cost-effective Nitsuko phone system? Craig Communications has a variety of phone systems from Nitsuko. We also carry all of the other series Phones. Whether you want unused or refurbished Nitsuko products, we have everything you need.

Nitsuko was bought by NEC and these particular phones are not in production anymore. So it makes it very difficult to find DS1000/2000 equipment anywhere you look. But never fear. Craig Communications is here for all your DS1000/2000 needs. From phones to circuit cards to full configured KSU's, we do it all when it comes to NEC. We have been at it for a long time. We know what it takes to be successful at selling NEC DS1000/2000 Phones. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again when looking for NEC DS1000/2000 equipment. They know the quality of product we ship out day in and day out. You wont find better refurbished NEC DS1000/2000 Product or phones on the web.

These phones and components wont be around forever. If you enjoy the feature rich NEC DS1000/2000 system, why not stock up on product today and have them ready for your next power surge. We try to keep a large supply of NEC DS1000/2000 equipment for just that reason.

Take a look around our Web site to find the Nitsuko DS1000/2000 Telephones, NEC equipment or components that your system requires. Contact Craig Communications toll-free at 1-800-306-3377 to learn more about NEC Phones and other products for this system.
We will always carry all Nitsuko Phone Equipment for your Telecom needs.There is no reason to go anywhere else for DS1000/2000 equipment. Call Today to order 800-306-3377

If your business is looking for quality NEC DS1000/2000 Phones or systems and for a reasonable price point, then this page is the right place for you to explore. At Craig Communications, we offer affordable NEC DS1000/2000 Phones and equipment for your company failing system. Thats right. Most of the time we get calls from customers who have had power surges or lighting strikes and have takin out their NEC circuit cards or phones. Welll we are here to save the day. Call TODAY! 800-306-3377

NEC DS1000/2000 Phones also know as the Nitsuko DS1000/2000 Telephones

We have been selling NEC Nitsuko phone systems for 17 years. We offer all Nitsuko phone equipment, including the popular Nitsuko 740i , the 384i and the Nitsuko 124i telephones. We also carry the older but still very popular Onyx Telephones. We carry ALL of the models. We also offer the Portrait series-which many companies have been using for some time now and we sell them for much less than standard retail prices.

As with all of our NEC refurbished products, the NEC DS1000/2000 Phones have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest quality level of Nitsuko phone equipment possible. Call us today to discuss how DS1000/2000 Phones can be utilized in your NEC telecommunications environment.

Dont forget we Buy, Sell or Repair all DS1000/2000 Phones and components . You cant go wrong with Craig Communications. We have become the preferred NEC DS1000/2000 Phones and system seller for the offices of businesses, city municipalities, fortune 500 companies, military installations, school districts, state police dept's, Government agencies, as well as colleges and universities all throughout the US. Here at Craig Communications we understand that your phones and system play an important and integral part in the success of your business. That's why we work so diligently to refurbish all our NEC phones to quality standards that many see as “like new”.


NEC DS 1000/2000 Phones

80570 22 btn non-display speaker NEC Nitsuko phone 80570 22 btn non-display speaker Nitsuko phones N/A CALL
80573 22 btn display NEC Nitsuko phone 80573 22 btn display Nitsuko phones N/A CALL
80663 34 btn display speaker NEC Nitsuko phone 80663 34 btn display speaker Nitsuko phones N/A CALL
80673 34 btn super display/speaker NEC Nitsuko phone 80673 34 btn super display/speaker Nitsuko phones N/A CALL
80556 24 btn DSS NEC Nitsuko console 80556 24 btn DSS Nitsuko console N/A CALL


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