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Finding the Nitsuko Onyx phones from Nitsuko America isnt an easy task.

Have you been looking for these Tie Onyx Telephones? Look no further. YOU HAVE FOUND THEM! Are you trying to find a cost-effective way to keep your old Tie system running? Well then take your hand off the mouse and on your phone keypad and call today! 800-306-3377

Craig Communications stocks the exact Nitsuko Onyx phones that your office needs. We also carry all the Circuit Cards and KSU's to get you back up and running. If you are looking for New, well you would have to go back in time over 15 years. The Tie Onyx telephones have been out of production for many years. Refurbished Tie telephones and systems are all we stock and we have everything with a ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY. We can do that because we take pride in our Second to none- customer service and attention to quality control for every product that leaves the warehouse.

Look around our Tie Onyx telephones page to find the Nitsuko Onyx phones and equipment or components that your system requires. Contact Craig Communications toll-free at 1-800-306-3377 to how you can send in your defective phone for REPAIR instead of throwing it away.
Again, We CARRY ALL Nitsuko Onyx phones and Equipment for your Nitsuko System.

If your business is looking SELL YOUR Tie Onyx telephones or system, Craig Communications will buy it for CASH! Just email our purchaser a detailed inventory list of the equipment you are selling and we will either call you or EMAIL you back a bid.


We have been selling Nitsuko Onyx phones and systems for 17 years And we are not going to stop anytime soon. We know there is still a need for these phones. They were a great little system for the price point. There is not need to get rid of a system or phones that do everything you need it to do. Call us today and we will ship the Tie Onyx telephones that works best for you needs but at a much lower price than you would expect for quality refurbished phones.

As with all of our Tie Onyx refurbished products, the Nitsuko Onyx phones have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest level of quality for all the Tie telephones that leave the warehouse. Call us today to discuss how Craig Communications can save you money by just replacing a few defective-no working Tie Onyx telephones or circuit cards. CALL TODAY AND SAVE! 800-306-3377


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Nitsuko Onyx Telephones

88260 30 btn standard Nitsuko telephone 88260 30 btn standard Nitsuko telephones N/A $105
88360 30 btn standard Nitsuko telephone 88360 30 btn standard Nitsuko telephones N/A $105
88261 30 btn speaker Nitsuko telephone 88261 30 btn speaker Nitsuko phones N/A $110
88361 30 btn speaker Nitsuko telephone 88361 30 btn speaker Nitsuko phones N/A $110
88263 30 btn display Nitsuko telephone 88263 30 btn display Nitsuko phones N/A $125
88363 30 btn display Nitsuko telephone 88363 30 btn display Nitsuko phones N/A $125


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