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Vodavi Infinite Phones, Systems and Components

When you need Vodavi Infinite Phones, systems or components, Call Craig Communications today! These phones have also been discontinued but are still readily available here at Craig Communications. We also carry Digital Hybrid and Triad series Vodavi equipment for all your requirements. You can purchase unused or refurbished products from us, however, Unused/New products are far and few between. Our refurbished units are so pristine that you wont be able to tell between those models and a new one. We have a ROCK SOLID 1 YEAR WARRANTY that we stand behind as well. Our Customer Service is second to none. Find out more ABOUT US.

Browse our Vodavi Infinite Phones page to find the exact model replacement or add on. Order online or call us toll-free at 1-800-306-3377 for further details about Vodavi telephones and other systems.

Discover when you purchase, the quality of every part that goes out of the warehouse. If there is ever a problem, please do not hesitate to call us. We like to treat our customers like we want to be treated.

Our Vodavi Infinite phones will help you to significantly reduce your cost when you have to replace a phone due to a lightning strike or power surge. Why replace the whole system if it works for your business. Too many to replace? Why not REPAIR your Infinite phones. Call us or email us today to speak with our repair department regarding sending your phones or components in for repair. If you have a growing business, you might want to look at Cloud phone system solution. Especially if you have more than 8 lines.

Vodavi Infinite DVX II Telephones-We Buy and Sell The Latest in Vodavi Infinite Systems and Equipment.

At Craig Communications, we have the most popular Vodavi Infinite phones, including the IN1414 and the IN9015-71. We also carry the newer STS series and Starplus models. Both the Starplus and Starplus digital models were leaders in the telecommunications arena at one time and we have them for much less than standard retail prices.

Call us today to find out how the Vodavi Infinite Phones from Craig Communications will save you time and money! 800-306-3377x1 We love return customers and we have plenty of them.

If you dont see the Infinite Phones or anything else you are looking for, always call us. 800-306-3377


Vodavi Infinite Telephones

Vodavi Infinite 1410 DSS Console Infinite 1410 DSS Console N/A $69
Vodavi Enhanced Infinite 1412 Speaker Telephone   Enhanced Infinite 1412 Speaker Telephone N/A $95
Vodavi Executive Infinite 1414 Speaker Display Telephone Executive Infinite 1414 Speaker Display  Telephone N/A $109

Vodavi Infinite DVX II Telephones

Vodavi IN 9010 DSS Console IN 9010 DSS  Console N/A $75
Vodavi IN 9011 Basic 8 Button telephone IN 9011 Basic 8 Button telephone N/A $75
Vodavi IN 9012 12 Button Speaker phone IN 9012 12 Button Speaker  phone N/A $95
Vodavi IN 9013 24 Button Speaker phone IN 9013 24 Button  Speaker  phone N/A $99
Vodavi IN 9014 12 Button Speaker Display phone IN 9014 12 Button Speaker Display phone N/A $99
Vodavi IN 9015 24 Btn Speaker Display phone IN 9015 24 Btn Speaker Display  phone N/A $89


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