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When you need a A Stock Vodavi STS Phones or components, turn to Craig Communications. The Vodavi STS Telephones can help you handle all of your communications requirements when used with an STS System. We also carry We also carry the 3510-71 48 Key DSS Unit. You can purchase unused or refurbished products from us. Just please call for any Unused products. This STS Series has been discontinued. But we do have Unused products come in from time to time.

Browse our page to find the Vodavi STS Telephones you've been looking for. Order online or call us toll-free at 1-800-306-3377 for further details about Model and other systems.

Discover the difference in productivity you will see from your employees using the Vodavi Starplus STS Phones in your office today. Our Vodavi STS Telephones will help you to significantly reduce your cost when purchasing from Craig Communications. Don't buy a new phone system just because one of your telephones quit working. Give us a call today so we can have one out the same day and give you the same quality and customer service that you are used to from the manufacturer. If you have a growing business, you might want to look at the newer Vertical telephone Systems or one that uses VoIP lines to cut your telephone bills in half.

Vodavi Starplus STS Phones-We Buy and Sell The Latest in Vodavi Phone System Equipment.

At Craig Communications, we have the most popular Vodavi STS telephones, including the 3515-71 and the 3516-71.We also carry the Vodavi Infinite phones the Vodavi XTS series and Vodavi Starplus models. At one time these systems were cutting edge technology which was leading the way in telecommunications solutions and now we have them refurbished for much less. We have a ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

Call us today to find out how Vodavi STS telephones or a whole system -Unused or refurbished, would save you company money in the long run.

Want to just SELL YOUR EQUIPMENT? Just go to our Sell Your Phone System Page and email our purchasing department a detailed list of equipment that you want to sell and one of our purchasing agents will get back to you with a bid.


Don't throw that defective Telephone or System away! We REPAIR all Vodavi Phones. Call today to send your broken phone in for repair. 800-306-3377


Vodavi Starplus STS Phones

Vodavi 3510-71 48 Btn DSS Console  3510-71  48 Btn DSS Console CALL $95
Vodavi 3515-71 Digital Speakerphone w/LCD 3515-71 Digital Speakerphone w/LCD CALL $105
Vodavi 3516-71 Digital Speakerphone w/ Backlit LCD 3516-71  Digital Speakerphone w/ Backlit LCD CALL N/A


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