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Avaya IP Office Phones, Circuit Cards and Systems

Avaya IP Office phones and phone systems are some of the newest technology Avaya has to offer. Craig Communications is pleased to offer the whole family of Avaya phones, modules and components to you at substantially discounted prices.

No matter how small your budget is, these IP Office phones can greatly impact your small office or growing business with minimal investment. Craig Communications carries all the Avaya IP Phones, Circuit Cards and Components.


All versions of the Avaya IP Office uses very similar software. They also us the same licenses across all platforms. The only difference is the hardware architecture. Be careful and always check the Avaya configuration rules to make sure what components can be use with each of the versions. Don't assume anything. There are many handset Options for the Avaya IP Office systems. There are many Software Level options as well for this system. Right now 8.0 is the latest and greatest software. Avaya usually comes out with a new software release every year and then a second one later in year. Because they continue to add new features with these new releases of software, the phones themselves and hardware versions become unsupported. Software Licenses and applications luckily are still usable with these upgrades.

This is your one stop shop for all Avaya Telecom Equipment. We only have the Telephones listed. But call us, we carry the whole Avaya IP Office Components. Craig Communications has been in business for over 17 years. Everything comes with a one year warranty. We take pride in what is ship to our customers.

Maybe its just one of your Avaya IP Office Telephones that is defective. To make sure, take that phone and move it around the office to see if it will work at any of the other extensions. If not, Call us to to purchase another one or send that one in to Craig Communications to be REPAIRED. All repairs come with a One Year Rock Solid Warranty.

If you have had enough with this system and you are ready for an upgrade then its time to play- SELL YOUR PHONE SYSTEM TO CRAIG COMMUNICATIONS! All you have to do is send us a detailed inventory list of the Avaya IP Office Phones and Systems you are looking to sell and our purchaser will email you a bid back within a day. We even pay for shipping if we decide to accept your equipment!! It cant be any easier!!!!

Not sure which phone system is right for you? Call us! 800-306-3377

Shop for Your business Avaya IP Office phone system from the links below:

If You Do Not See The Avaya IP Office Phones, Circuit Card or Component That You Are Looking For, Please Call Us. 800-306-3377

Avaya 1400 Series Telephones

Avaya 1403 digital phone 700469927 1403 Digital Phone (700469927) $135 CALL
Avaya 1408 Digital Phone 700469851 1408 Digital Phone (700469851) $149 CALL
Avaya 1416 Digital Phone 700469869 1416 Digital Phone (700469869) $185 CALL
ATT Spriit 616 small business phone system equipment sales deep discounts DBM32 Button Module (700469968) $179 CALL
Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply 700434897 1151D1 Power Supply (700434897) $45 CALL

Avaya 1600 Series Telephones

Avaya 1608i IP Office phone 700458532 1608i IP Phone (700458532) $135 CALL
Avaya 1616i IP Office phone 700458540 1616i IP Phone (700458540) $145 CALL
Avaya 1600 Series 5V Power Supply 700451230 1600 Series 5V Power Supply (700451230) $30 N/A

Avaya 9500 Series IP Telephones

Avaya 9504 Digital phone 700500206 9504 Digital Phone (700500206) $145 CALL
Avaya 9508 Digital Telephone 700500207 9508 Digital Phone (700500207) CALL CALL
ATT Spriit 308 phone system module equipment sales BM12 Button Module (700480643) $135 CALL

We may conduct business over the Internet, but our operations are founded on service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Craig Communications maintains an inventory full of quality used refurbished phone equipment. We stand behind every phone, system and component with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!


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