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About The Avaya Partner Phones also known as Lucent Partner Telephones-MLS, Euro Style and Series II

Ok, lets start from the beginning. At first AT&T was the name you would see on all these older models. Then AT&T changed there name to Lucent. So then all the Telecom equipment manufactured by AT&T was now called Lucent. Then if that didn't get confusing enough when customers went to search on the internet for a particular model, they switched their name again to Avaya. So all these partner phones could be either Avaya or Lucent Partner Telephones. The older MLS series, which we will get to in a minute were usually referred to as AT&T Partner Phones.

Now you just had your history lesson on company who manufactured these phones, now lets talk about the three different versions of these phones. The first version to come out was the MLS Series Partner Phones. These had many issues with the key pads but when we send them out we usually replace them which most of our competitors don't.

Once the MLS models became too old and AT&T wanted to generate more business, they came out with the Lucent Partner Telephones (Euro Style). These looked much more modern than the squared off MLS models. More rounded edges on the casings. They were called "Euro Style" but they were not manufactured in Europe. It was just used for marketing. They eventually dropped the Euro name so that they were just Lucent Partner Telephones. But then they couldn't leave well enough alone. They needed to create even more of a revenue stream for Lucent. LOL. So they came out with the Series II. These are often still searched by the name Lucent Partner Telephones. After they made the Lucent Partner Series II models, they discontinued the whole Lucent Partner line. But dont you worry! Craig Communications carries all the Telephones and Circuit Cards and systems. Call Today to order. 800-306-3377.

You basically are on this page because you either need to add a telephone to your system or your looking to sell your Lucent equipment to us or you need to repair you Avaya Partner phones. We we do all three. We cant tell you how many times we have heard from out customers that they walked in to their office in the morning and try to make a call and the system was dead. Well, pull out your cell phone and call CRAIG COMMUNICATIONS!. Buy Quality refurbished Avaya Partner Phones or Avaya Circuit Cards or the whole system from us today. Have on of our experienced sales representatives go over what your problem might be. 800-306-3377

Maybe its just one of your Lucent Partner Telephones that is defective. To make sure, take that phone and move it around the office to see if it will work at any of the other extensions. If not, Call us to to purchase another one or send that one in to Craig Communications to be REPAIRED. All repairs come with a One Year Rock Solid Warranty.

If you have had enough with this system and you are ready for an upgrade then its time to play- SELL YOUR PHONE SYSTEM TO CRAIG COMMUNICATIONS! All you have to do is send us a detailed inventory list of the Avaya Lucent equipment you are looking to sell and our purchaser will email you a bid back within a day. We even pay for shipping if we decide to accept your equipment!! It cant be any easier.


Craig Communications has been selling quality Lucent Parner Telephones and systems on the Internet since 1997. We founded our business on customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Craig Communications warranties Lucent Partner Telephones, systems and component with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

Lucent Partner Telephones (MLS Style)

Avaya Partner MLS 6 business telephone system buy or sell used telephones MLS 6 Lucent Telephones N/A $74
Avaya-Partner-MLS-12-business phones refurbished phone equipment sales MLS 12 Lucent Telephones N/A $70
ATT Avaya MLS 12D office phones components business phone system sales MLS 12D Lucent Telephones N/A $84
Partner II Business Phone Avaya18D phone system buy sell new used phones MLS 18D Lucent Telephones N/A $94
Office phone system Avaya Partner AT&T 34D used business phones and equipment MLS 34D Lucent Telephones N/A $84

Avaya Partner Phones (Euro Style)

Partner 6 Euro Style business office discount phone equipment sales 6 Euro Style Lucent Telephones N/A $85
Partner 18 Euro style business phones replacement equipment component 18 Euro Style Lucent Telephones N/A $85
Avaya Partner 18D Euro style business phones ATT refurbished phone equipment.jpg 18D Euro Style Lucent Telephones N/A $105 On Sale
Avaya Partner 34D business phone system equipment new used phones.jpg 34D Euro Style Lucent Telephones N/A $99

Avaya Partner Phones (Series 2)

Office phone equipment sales Avaya Partner 6D series phones components 6D Series 2 Telephones N/A $135
18D ATT Avaya Partner phones discount phone systems sales new and used 18D Series 2 Telephones N/A $134
ATT Partner Avaya phone system 34D series equipment sales refurbished and used 34D Series 2 Telephones N/A $144
Avaya 48 button call assistant phone system module equipment discount sales.jpg 48 Btn Call Assistant Module N/A CALL

We may conduct business over the Internet, but our operations are founded on service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Craig Communications maintains an inventory full of quality used refurbished Avaya Partner phone equipment. We stand behind every telephone, system and component with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!


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