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About Inter tel GMX Phones

Ok, lets face it, These Intertel GMX Telephones are as old as dirt. No denying it. However, they are a very solid telephones that businesses still rely on. If you have this system, you are either on this page because your telephones took a turn for the worst and are DOA or you still want to keep this dinosaur around for as long as you can. You might want to add a few Intertel GMX Telephones because you have a another employee coming in next week. Maybe one of your Intertel circuit cards blew up and you need to replace one of those as well. Well, the good new is that Craig Communications carries ALL these parts and they are all tested witha one year warranty. These are NOT Ebay wipe offs.

You might want to consider REPAIRING YOUR INTER TEL GMX PHONES OR COMPONENTS. We have a first class repair facility that will make your equipment look brand new down to the circuitry. The whole unit is disassembled and repaired, cleaned, tested and painted ( if need be). Once the process is finished, we put our ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON all Intertel GMX Telephones and off it goes back to your business.

If you are just tired of the Intertel system, then its time to maybe... SELL YOUR SYSTEM or EQUIPMENT.


Hey, dont rule out , getting into the clouds with a Cloud system. Low Monthly fees with too many features to list here but you can GO TO OUR CLOUD PAGE or talk to one of our representatives regarding an upgrade. 800-306-3377

Again, remember, the Intertel GMX telephones and system was a very popular system and has been discontinued. Even though the Inter tel GMX phones have not been manufactured for years now, Craig Communications still has them in stock at discounted prices that any business can afford.

At Craig Communications, we have the most popular Intertel GMX telephones, including the Intertel 662.3900 12 btn display and the Intertel 662.3400 24 btn display .We also carry the Intertel 662.3800 24 btn standard and 662.3000 24 btn standard models. All the components are very difficult to find and keep in stock. So please call us in advance when ordering any of the Inter-tel GMX Telephones or components. This will insure that you get the best customer service from a company that has been selling this equipment for over 10 years. We take pride in our step by step refurbishing process that we put all of our Inter tel GMX model phones through.


Call us today to find out how Craig Communications can keep this Intertel system alive for you another few years and save your business money! 800-306-3377



InterTel GMX Telephones

662.3600 / 8 btn display Inter tel telephone 662.3600 / 8 btn display Inter tel GMX telephone N/A $99
662.3901 / 12 btn display Inter-tel telephone 662.3900 / 12 btn display Inter tel GMX telephone N/A CALL
662.3800/ 24 btn standard Intertel telephone 662.3800/ 24 btn standard Inter tel GMX telephone N/A CALL
662.4001 / 12 btn DVK standard Inter tel telephone 662.4001 / 12 btn standard Intertel GMX telephone N/A CALL
662.3000 / 24 btn standard Inter-tel telephone 662.3000 / 24 btn standard Intertel GMX phone N/A CALL
662.3400 / 24 btn DVK display Intertel telephone 662.3400 / 24 btn DVK display Intertel GMX phone N/A $105


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