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Craig Communications Carries NEC IP Telephones for your Electra Elite IPK II or NEAX 2400 System.

Looking for NEC IP Telephones such as the NEC ITH Phones or the NEC ITR Phones? Well, look no further but don't confuse the two models. Let us explain. The Manufacturer made two models of IP phones. The NEC ITH Phones which ONLY work on the Electra Elite IPK II Phone Systems and the NEC ITR Phones which only work on the NEAX 2400 Phone System. Some of the more poplar of the two are the ITR-16D-3 and ITR-16D-3 model telephones for your NEAX 2400 phone system. At Craig Communications, we offer telephone models for the NEC IP phone systems, including all of the newer styles such as the ITH-16D-3 phone, at prices your company will love.

If you are searching for ways to enhance your telecommunications system, our NEC ITR phones and the NEC ITH Phones are again one of the newest series that can go on this manufacturers IP phone system. We offer REFURBISHED NEC ITR phones and NEC ITH Phones but ALWAYS call. Many time we have the New Units as well. Don't be afraid to by Refurbished models. They come with the same Rock Solid One Year Warranty and the same great-quality Phones you would expect from Craig Communications at again great prices.

Even though these models are being manufactured at this time, Craig Communications carries inventory on all the ITR and ITH models that are popular with IP phone systems, but at deep discounts. All refurbished phones, such as the ITR-16D-3 are brought back to manufacturer's specifications. All our telephones are disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once reassembled, the telephone undergoes a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards. All the NEC IP telephones also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test.

In any business envirement, these phones are highly regarded as top of the line. These Telephones are quality products that have been talked about throughout the industry and the feature rich NEC IP telephones and systems are very popular for small to large size businesses. Call your Craig Communications representative today and ask us about our complete line of products!

DO NOT throw away your defective Phones ! Call us to REPAIR THEM TODAY! . Save hundreds of dollars by keeping your equipment and just repairing the broken modules or telephones. Call your Craig Communications representative and ask us about how we can save our business money today.

If you are tired of you system and want to upgrade, dont just throw your system away or put it in the closet. We Buy Used Phone Systems. Please E-Mail our purchasing department today with a detailed list of the the equipment you are selling and a representative will get back to you with a bid.


NEC ITR Phones

ITR-4D-3 phone ITR-4D-3 IP phone CALL $90
ITR-8D-3 phone ITR-8D-3 IP phone CALL $105
ITR 16D-3 phone ITR-16D-3 IP phone CALL $125
ITR-32D-3 phone ITR-32D-3 IP phone CALL $135

NEC ITH Phones

ITH-4D-3 phone ITH-4D-3 IP phone CALL $125
ITH-8D-3 phone ITH-8D-3 IP phone CALL $150
ITH-16D-3 phone ITH-16D-3 IP phone CALL $180
AC-2R power supply AC-2R power supply In Stock-CALL N/A


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