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Craig Communications Carries All Refurbished NEC DTP Telephones also know as Dterm Series E phones for the E Elite Telecommunications System

Searching for a Website which sells these phones also know as the used Dterm series E Phones? Well look no further. Here we have Series E phones, including the popular 8D-1 and 16D-1 model phones for your E Elite phone system. At Craig Communications, we offer Refurbished NEC DTP Telephones models for the E Elite phone system, including all of the older styles such as 32D-1 Series E phones, at prices your company can afford.

If you are searching for ways to enhance your E Elite telecommunications systems, our used Series E Phones are the oldest series that can go on the E Elite phone system. We offer REFURBISHED NEC Series E phones for your shopping pleasure, offering you the same quality product you would get if you ordered them from the factory but at a price much lower than price point.

Even though these Refurbished DTP Telephones have not been manufactured for quite some time, Craig Communications still carries inventory on this older popular Series E phone. All refurbished NEC DTP Telephones, such as the 32D-1 are brought back to manufacturer's specifications. All our telephones are disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once reassembled, the telephone undergoes a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards. All the used Series E phones also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test.

In any business envirement, the Series E Phones for the E Elite phone system come out on top. Refurbished NEC DTP Telephones are quality products that have lasted for years and the feature rich E Elite phone systems are very popular for small to large size businesses. Call your Craig Communications representative today and ask us about our complete line of Series E phones today!


NEC DTP Telephones -Series E (E Elite)

DTP-2DT-1 Telephone DTP-2DT-1 Telephone N/A $80
DTP-8-1 Telephone DTP-8-1 Telephone N/A $105
DTP-8D-1 Telephone DTP-8D-1 Telephone N/A $90
DTP-16D-1 Telephone DTP-16D-1 Telephone N/A $99
DTP-32D-1 Telephone DTP-32D-1 Telephone N/A $105


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