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Craig Communications carries SL1100 packages or just the SL1100 telephones and components.

The NEC SL1100 Phone System Features

The SL1100 is a very versatile solution that allows you to take advantage of productivity enhancing IP applications that can increase performance throughout your company.

The NEC SL1100 phone system can grow from 4 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 4 analog station ports for single line telephones or fax machines and expands to a maximum of 120 extensions . 72 of the extentions can be multi-line terminals. This KSU can be expanded to a maximum of 36 analog trunks, 48 PRI/T1 trunks, or 32 (SIP) trunks. The expandability depends on you the end user and the number of KSU's and the type of PCB's installed.

Some of the features for this very simple but robust KSU include Music on Hold Paging, VoIP, Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Networking, Direct Inward dialing, Door box, Door Striker, Group Rings, Music on hold, Night Service, Off Premise Extension, T1 Interface, remote programming and many other features are also available.

NEC SL1100 Phone System Features

The SL1100 KSU has the 1100061/1100060 Digital 12 button telephone, the 1100063/1100062 Digital 24 button telephone, the 1100161 or 110060 IP 24 button telephone or the 1100065/1100064 60 button DSS Console to choose from. See above for details.

Alphanumeric Displays, background Music, Barge In, Call Forwarding, Call Timer, Call Waitin/Camp On, Centrix Compatible,Class of Service, Conference Calling, Direct Station Selection, Do not Disturb, Flash Key, Headset Capable, Call Hold, Intercom, Message Waiting, Microphone Mute, Off Hook Signaling, One Touch keys, Paging/ Public Address, Soft Keys, Speed Dials, Transfer Calls, Volume and Contrast Controls are just some of the features of the SL1l00 telephone sets.

NEC SL1100 Phone System -Voice Mail Features

InMail is more than your regular voicemail box. It is loaded with business features that will meet the needs of any professional envirement.Some of the features are: Answering Machine Emulation,Automated Attendant, Auto Time Stamp, Caller ID with Return Call, Centrex Transfer, Converstion Record,(software required), Fax detection, Message notification, Multiple COmany Greetings, Nuber of Messages Displayed, Offsite message Retrieval, Pager Notification, Password Protection, Personal Greetings, Ring Group Mail Boxes, Transfer Calls to your cell, Voice mail to Email to name a few.

So you can see that the SL1100 can stand up in any professional envirement and for the price you really cant beat it. So call Craig Communications at 800-306-3377 x 1 to find out more about the NEC SL1100 phone system and have it shipped to your office today!!

Do not be fooled by are competitors low prices with no warranty equipment. We bring our equipment back to manufacturers specifications. Every item is tested before it leaves the warehouse.

When you purchase equipment from Craig Communications, you are building a lasting relationship with a company dedicated to selling you quality Telecom Equipment at a great price with first class service. We want to earn your satisfaction and referral business. Unconditionally guaranteed. Always.

Maybe it is time for your company to upgrade or expand your office telephone equipment. We buy telecom equipment to refurbish and resell to other businesses or use as parts. Do Not Delay.....Get a Quote today!


BUYING CHEAP PHONE EQUIPMENT ISN’T ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO. When you are shopping for telecom equipment for your office on the Internet, never shop strictly on the price. Customer Service is a huge key factor that many Internet shoppers overlook. When you shop strictly by price, you are missing the hidden costs incurred when the telephones do not meet your expected standards or require additional service. Our prices are competitive AND we back our telephone equipment up with service and a rock solid one year warranty. That is why we here at Craig Communications excel in customer service which in turn earns us repeat business from our loyal customers.


SL1100 KSU Equipment

SL1100 Main KSU 1100010 SL1100 Main KSU (0 x 8 x 4) $385 N/A

SL1100 Telephones

sl1100 12 button digital telephone 1100061 1100060 SL1100 12 Button Telephone 1100061 or 1100060 $118 N/A
sl1100 24 button digital telephone 1100063 1100062 SL1100 24 Button telephone 1100063 or 1100062 $144 N/A
sl1100 60 button DSS Console 1100065 1100064 SL1100 60 Button DSS Console 1100065 or 1100064 $183 N/A

SL1100 IP Telephones

sl1100 24 button IP telephone 1100161 1100160 SL1100 24 Button IP telephone 1100061 or 1100060 $175 N/A
AC-2R power supply AC-2R power supply 780135 In Stock N/A

SL1100 Digital Cordless Telephones

DTL 8R-1 Cordless DECT telephone 730095 DTL-8-R1 Cordless 1.9 GHz DECT 6.0 Telephone 730095 In Stock N/A


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