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Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 (0-Port)

Avaya Partner VS10 /2 port 48 mailboxes/Rel 5 200 Mailboxes with 6000 minutes (100 Hours) of storage
200 subscribers with 100 hours of storage
Easy Administration
Expandable from 2-Ports to 4 or 6-Ports.
Automated Attendant Service
Submenu Service
Night Service/Day Service
Dial By Name Directory
Call Answer Service
Voice Mail Service
Mailbox Management Made Simple
Night Service
REQUIRES a 2,4 or 6 Port License Card to operate
Compatible with Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher,ACS Release 1.0 or higher
Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 (0-Port)

Condition -

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About the Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 (0-Port)
The Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 also known as the Lucent Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 is only available refurbished.

This unit has 200 Mailboxes and 6000 minutes or 100 hours of storage. Its configured up to 200 subscribers and has 100 storage hours. It can be expanded from 2 ports, 4 ports or 6 ports very easily via a licensing card (Sold Sererately)

You can program this voice mail through an 18D or 34D display telephone or through your LAN using a Windows based PC and administration software.
The Unit provides 4 automated attendants that can answer multiple lines. Caller can choose between two languages.

Customer can easily find the extension of their party with a by using the dial by name directory.

Unified Messaging Application. Enables employees using mailboxes to manage and integrate email messages and voice mail using their PC's email client. It converts and delivers voicemail messages to an email server as an WAV file. This ables the employee to work with voice mail messages remotely.
Unit will also prompt caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension or to a operator when the called party does not pick up.
With this Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0, employees are able to,delete messages, record a personal greeting, listen to messages, change their password, set up outcalling to a list of pager and telephone numbers, forward messages with comment to other mailboxes, listen to a caller leaving a message, create and send messages, create personal distribution lists, specify a personal operator, adjust playback volume while listening to messages, record a call but requires 4 ports, adjust message retrieval order, auto copy, designate phantom mailboxes, preview messages, return to previous message, heard last played message, change message status, speed up and slow down playback, and specify messages as Priority, Private, or Return Request.

Mailbox Management Made easy. Simply manage and administer your mailbox directly through a LAN connection and your PC's internet browser using Partner Messaging's amazing
Night Service. Provides after-hours service and daytime services as well.

The Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 requires a competent technician who is familiar with the Lucent Partner Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0. Customers are responsible to make sure that parts orders are compatible. The best way to make sure you are ordering the right Partner voice mail part is to check with a technician who knows your system or look on the Avaya Partner component for a model number. It should have the following located on the side of the Avaya Partner component: Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0".


Remember, there is a 20% re-stocking fee which we do not enjoy imposing. So please consult with us regarding the Avaya Partner voice mail solutions or any other Avaya Partner phone system part if you are unsure of what your are ordering. Our goal is your total satisfaction and lasting business.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all refurbished phones » details

We may conduct business over the Internet, but our operations are founded on service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Craig Communications maintains an inventory full of quality used refurbished phone equipment. We stand behind every phone, system and component with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!


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