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If its a Mitel Voice Mail you need, look no further we carry the Mitel Express Messenger Voice Mail

Express Messenger voice mail is the cost effective alternative to server-based solutions for companies requiring standard voice guest messaging functionality. It delivers modern voice mail capabilities on a single card that plugs easily into the Mitel SX200 ML or EL PBX. Express Messenger voice mail provides user-friendly and secure voice mailboxes that can be accessed from any touchtone telephone -- anywhere, anytime.

Express Messenger voice mail is the only integrated solution for Mitel's SX 200EL and SX 200ML PBXs. The voice mail application is installed by simply sliding the interface card into the PBX. By working with small business' existing hardware, Mitel Express Messenger voice mail eliminates the need for additional costly and space-consuming equipment.

After being installed in a matter of minutes, small businesses can immediately begin using Express Messenger voice mail's powerful feature set. This ranges from auto attendant and pass code protected mailboxes to both office-wide and personal temporary greetings.

Mitel Express Messenger Sold Here at Craig Communications

Mitel's family of small business PBXs are widely recognized by customers as products that stand alone to meet their unique price/performance requirements. With the introduction of Express Messenger voice mail, Mitel now provides small businesses with complete voice communication solutions. The result is a combination of advanced PBX call control and voice mail messaging functionality that previously had been priced well out of most small business' range.

Express Messenger voice mail Voice mail offers the same advanced messaging functionality that larger businesses depend upon, including auto attendant, paging, secure personal mailboxes, broadcast message distribution, temporary greetings, unlimited message length, directory/name dialing, operator revert, and many others.

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Mitel Express Messenger Voice Mail

Mitel SX 200 ML & EL Express Messenger VM 2 Port 9109-080-001 Mitel SX 200 ML & EL Express Messenger voice mail VM 2 Port N/A $1195
Mitel SX 200 ML & EL Express Messenger VM 4 Port 9109-080-002 Mitel SX 200 ML & EL Express Messenger voice mail VM 4 Port N/A $1350


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