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Mitel SX 200 light Phone System and components for your Hotel or business application.

About the Mitel SX 200 light Phone System and Components.

If you are searching for a telecom equipment that has superior performance, dependability and a feature set that will enhance your customers’ experience, then this model is the right choice for you business. This model is a superior, fully digital platform for companies of any size. This unit allows for advanced functionality and features other manufacturers models can't compete with. The fact that it is as small as a PC tower, makes it easier for installation and makes adds moves and changes one of the easiest tasks of any Model on the market today. Like-new or refurbished equipment gives you superior performance and great value when you purchase all your equipment from Craig Communications. Call Today. 800-306-3377


Refurbished telephones, telelphone components, circuit cards, and all other products are brought back to the specifications of the manufacturer. All the telephones and components are repainted (telephones only if necessary) but first taken apart down to the circuitry. All telephone,circuit cards and equipment are fully tested on our testing benches. We bring back the components & telephones to manufacturers specifications by putting them through an in depth refurbishing process which happens before being freshly repackaged with designation strips, new telephone cords, designation strips and user cards and keycaps. Every telephone and component is tested before it leaves our warehouse. That's Our Guarantee here at Craig Communications!

When you purchase a telecommunications system from Craig Communications, you are building a relationship with a company committed to selling you quality products and solutions at a great price with first class service. We want to earn your satisfaction and referral business.
Let one of our Telecom experts help you find Quality Equipment for Your Office.


We Buy Old Telephones, Systems and Components. DO NOT DELAY! EMAIL A LIST OVER TODAY!

At Craig Communications, we have the most popular Equipment and components , including the 9400-100-110 light Peripheral Node and the 9400-300-301 FIM Card.We also carry the 9400-100-301 Peripheral FIM Carrier and 9400-100-302 T-1 adapter. This Unit has been leading the way in telecommunications solutions and we have them for much less than standard retail prices.

if you are trying to find the latest and greatest that this line has to offer, then you might want to investigate this page more in depth. The most popular of the components is the 9400-100-110 peripheral node. This component and the rest of the components that work with this unit are the next generation of digital communication for your hotel or business application.

Craig Communications sells products for installation by others. We are not an authorized representative of any of the manufacturers listed and Craig Communications provides all warranties. All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.

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Mitel SX 200 Light Phone System

  PART #
Mitel SX 200 Light Control Node 9400-100-100 Control Node N/A $595
Mitel SX 200 Light Peripheral Node 9400-100-110 Peripheral Node N/A $500
Mitel SX 200 Light FIM Card 9400-300-301 FIM Card N/A $150
Mitel SX 200 Light Control Resource Card 9400-100-303 Control Resource Card N/A $70
Mitel SX 200 Light Switch Matrix Card 9400-100-300 Switch Matrix Module N/A $70
Mitel SX 200 Light FIM Carrier Card w/FIM 9400-100-301 Peripheral FIM Carrier N/A $300
Mitel SX 200 Light T1 Adaptor 9400-100-302 T1 Adaptor N/A $75


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