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The Mitel SX 200 ML EL Phone System and components for your Hotel or Business Application.

There is a good reason you landed on this Page dedicated to ML EL PBX's. Craig Communications carries all PBX system KSU's, components and circuit cards at wholesale pricing. If your business is in the market for a quality Telecom Components, Craig Communications is equipped to handle your order from a few circuit cards to the whole PBX. At Craig Communications, we offer an affordable solution with a state of the art PBX and components for your company needs with a ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY on everything we sell.


This particular PBX application continues the manufacturers legacy of providing solutions specifically designed to meet the real-time voice communications needs of small businesses. Both ML and EL products are optimized for customers requiring 40-150 lines, and are based on the core hardware and software of the manufacturers highly successful Light PBX model. This PBX provides small businesses with the same high-levels of functionality.

Do not keep searching and searching all over the internet for a company that has great customer service, great prices and and a Rock solid One year warranty on all products. You have found all three here at Craig Communications! Call Today to order the specific component needed to keep you PBX running for years to come. We carry them all. Just call to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. We would love to earn your business. Call Today and Save 800-306-3377

Craig Communications has become the preferred PBX dealer for the offices of businesses, school districts, fortune 500 companies, military installations, state police dept's, city municipalities, Government agencies, as well as colleges and universities throughout the US. Call today to find out why our customers keep coming back year after year.

CHEAP TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT ISN’T ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO. When shopping for PBX equipment for your office on the Internet, never shop strictly on price. Service is a factor that many Internet shoppers overlook. When you shop strictly by price, you miss the hidden costs incurred when the equipment does not meet your expectations or require additional service. Our prices are competitive AND we back our phone equipment up with service and warranties. That is why Craig Communications excels in customer service and earns repeat business from our customers.

Craig Communications repair and refurbish department provides a professional diagnostic, repair, and testing of your business telephone equipment. If you have any out of service telephones, circuit cards, modules or power supplies that need replaced, repaired or reconditioned, please give us a call! 800-306-3377 E-MAIL our repair dept.


We have the best pricing on all Mitel SX 200 ML EL phone system components.

We are here to help you find the right PBX solution to suit your companies specific application. We offer the 9109-021-001 and 9109-021-000 T-1 trunk cards, as well as the popular 9109-110-001 ONS Class line card and the 9109-613-001 Triple FIM Carrier. For your company telecommunications needs, we offer both the ML and the EL PBX Systems as refurbished models for much less than standard retail prices or you would find elsewhere on line.



We Buy Old Telephones, Systems and Components. DO NOT DELAY! EMAIL A LIST OVER TODAY!

As with all of our refurbished products, the Mitel SX 200 ML EL Phone System and its components have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest quality of refurbished equipment possible all backed by a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Call us today to discuss how Craig Communications can help you with your telecommunications needs today. 800-306-3377

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Mitel SX 200 ML & EL

  PART #
T1 Trunk Card



T1 Trunk Card N/A $600
ONS Class Line Card 9109-110-001 ONS Class Line Card N/A $525
Bay Control Card 3 9109-117-001 Bay Control Card 3 N/A $499
Peripheral Node w/o PRI support 9109-600-001 Peripheral Node w/o PRI support N/A $700
Peripheral Node w PRI Support 9109-600-002 Peripheral Node w PRI Support N/A $500
Dual FIM Carrier 9109-611-001 Dual FIM Carrier N/A $400
Triple FIM Carrier 9109-613-001 Triple FIM Carrier N/A $600
FIM II Module 9180-510-001 FIM II Module N/A CALL
Peripheral card FIM Carrier 9109-610-202 Main Control Card Stratum III N/A $550
Peripheral card FIM Carrier 9109-612-001 Peripheral card FIM Carrier N/A CALL
PIMCC Card 9109-616-001 PIMCC Card N/A CALL
FIM Module 9400-300-301 FIM Module N/A $275
8 Circuit Caller ID Card 50001730 8 Circuit Caller ID Card CALL $600
FIM II - Fiber Interface Module 9180-510-002 FIM II - Fiber Interface Module N/A $575


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