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The Mitel SX 20 Phone System for your Hotel-Motel or Business Office Application.

If your business has this discontinued telephone system and you are looking for replacement components, you have found the right web-site. Even though this system has not been manufactured for many many years now, you will still see them in Hotel-Motels across the country. There is good reason for this. This Model was a very durable telephone system that has held up over the years and is a very effecient telephone system. However when one of the circuit cards fail, you need a reliable source for replacement parts and components. Craig Communiations is your one stop shop for all Mitel cards and components and consoles. All components come with a one year warranty.

Looking for Discontinued Mitel SX 20 Phone System Equipment?

We are here to help you find the right solution to suit your Hotel or Motel. We offer most SX 20 equipment, including the popular 9102-010-000 24 Station line card and the 9102-010-002 16 Circuit Superset line card. For your company telecommunications needs, we offer both the 9102-020-503 Generic 503 Software and the CPU I and CPU II cards as refurbished models. We offer all the components for much less than standard retail prices.

As with all of our refurbished products, KSU and its components have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest level of refubished telephone system equipment possible. Call or email us today to discuss how Craig Communications can help solve your problems regarding this particular older model.


We Buy Old Telephones, Systems and Components. DO NOT DELAY! EMAIL A LIST OVER TODAY!

Craig Communications repair and refurbish department provides a professional diagnostic, repair, and testing of your business telephone equipment. If you have any out of service telephones, circuit cards, modules or power supplies that need replaced, repaired or reconditioned, please give us a call! 800-306-3377 E-MAIL our repair dept.

Craig Communications sells products for installation by others. We are not an authorized representative of any of the manufacturers listed and Craig Communications provides all warranties. All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.


Mitel SX 20 Phone Systems and Components

  PART #
 CPU I Card 9102-004-000 CPU I Card N/A $245
CPU II Card 9102-004-001 CPU II Card N/A $350
MISC Card w/o DTMF 9102-005-000 MISC Card w/o DTMF N/A $125
MISC Card w DTMF 9102-005-002 MISC Card w DTMF N/A $199
Misc II Card 9102-005-006 Misc II Card N/A $300
UCC Module 9102-009-001 UCC Module N/A $125
 24 Station Line Card 9102-010-000 24 Station Line Card N/A $160
8 Station Line Card 9102-010-001 8 Station Line Card N/A $140
Superset Line Card - 16 circuit 9102-010-002 Superset Line Card - 16 circuit N/A $90
Trunk Card - 2 circuit 9102-011-000 Trunk Card - 2 circuit N/A $100
CO Trunk Card - 2 circuit 9102-011-002
CO Trunk Card - 2 circuit N/A $100
DTMF Module 9102-012-000 DTMF Module N/A $70
Trunk Expander 9102-013-000 Trunk Expander N/A $90
RMATS Module 9102-015-000 RMATS Module N/A $200
Generic 503 9102-020-503 Generic 503 Software N/A $275
Chassis w/ UCC 9102-101-004 Chassis with UCC N/A $495


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