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Mitel Telephones, Components and Systems for any Large or Small Business Application.

If your business is in the market for quality Mitel phones or components, you have found the perfect Mitel telephones page that will definitely help with a solution to your telecommunication set up. At Craig Communications, we offer affordable Mitel phones and equipment for your company needs.

We Sell quality used Mitel Phones and Equipment for all size business or Hotel applications. All backed by a Rock Solid One Year Warranty-800-306-3377

We are here to help you find quality refurbished Mitel telephones solutions that will fit your companies needs. We offer all the Mitel phones, including the popular Mitel Superset 4025 and the Mitel Superset 420 telephones. Craig Communications has a large amount of inventory on these Mitel phones and components. We offer both the Mitel Superset 4025 with backlit displays as well as the Mitel 4025 non-backlit displays as refurbished and new models. Always call to check on New Pricing and availability on ALL Mitel Phones. We also offer the older Mitel Superset 420 phone Series-letting you end your search for quality refurbished Mitel phones for much less and better quality than our competitors.

As with all of our refurbished Mitel telephones and Components, the Superset 420 and the 4025 phones have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest quality possible on the secondary market. Call us today to discuss how Craig Communications can help you keep your costs down while keeping the standards in quality up. 800-306-3377


Why not REPAIR your Mitel phones. Call us or email us today to speak with our repair department regarding sending your phones or components in for repair.

Don't forget that each and every one of our Mitel phones are disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once the Mitel telephones are reassembled, the unit undergoes a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards.They also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test with Mitel Phones as well.

Many of our competitors simply give their Mitel phones a light cleaning before reselling a "B" or "C" stock product. Craig Communications only sells "A" stock, premium grade Mitel phones and components to eliminate potential problems and to guard our reputation. Most refurbished parts are so pristine that they are practically indistinguishable from new Mitel telephones.


We Buy Old Mitel Telephones, Systems and Components. DO NOT DELAY! EMAIL A LIST OVER TODAY!


Mitel Telephones and Consoles

Mitel PKM Module / 400 series phones 9112-000-000
PKM Module / 400 series phones N/A $160
Mitel PKM 48 Module / for 4000 series phones 9132-200-100
PKM 48 Module / for 4000 series phones N/A $230
Mitel Superset 401 telephone 9113-000-000
Superset 401 telephone N/A $100
Mitel Superset 401+ telephone 9113-000-002
Superset 401+ telephone N/A $105
Mitel Superset 410 telephones 9114-000-000 Light Superset 410 telephones N/A $90
Mitel Superset 410 telephones 9114-500-000 Dark Superset 410 telephones N/A $95
Mitel Superset 420 telephones 9115-000-000 Light
9115-500-000 Dark
Superset 420 telephones N/A $95 On Sale
Mitel Superset 430 telephones 9116-000-000 Light Superset 430 telephones N/A $160
Mitel Superset 430 telephones 9116-500-000 Dark Superset 430 telephones N/A $145
Mitel Superset 3-021 telephones 9174-000-021 Superset 3-021 telephones N/A $80
Mitel Superset 4-025 - Moulded Base telephones 9174-000-025 Superset 4-025 - Moulded Base telephones N/A $95
Mitel Superset 3DN telephone 9183-000-200 Superset 3DN telephone N/A $94
Mitel Superset 4DN telephone 9184-000-200 Superset 4DN telephone N/A $134
Mitel DSS BLF 9188-000-001 DSS BLF N/A $105
Mitel Superset 4001 telephones 9132-001-100 Light Superset 4001 telephones N/A $95
Mitel Superset 4001 telephones

9132-001-200 Dark


Superset 4001 telephones N/A $95
Mitel Superset 4015 telephones 9132-015-100 Light
9132-015-200 Dark
Superset 4015 telephones $210 $99
Mitel Superset 4025 telephones 9132-025-100 Light
Superset 4025 telephones CALL $99
Mitel Superset 4025 telephones
9132-025-200 Dark
Superset 4025 telephones CALL $85 On Sale
Mitel Superset 4025 backlit telephones 9132-025-102 Light
9132-025-202 Dark
Superset 4025 backlit telephones CALL $99
Mitel 4125 TAPI telephones 9132-125-102 Light
9132-125-202 Dark
4125 TAPI telephones N/A $185
Mitel Superset 4150 telephones 9132-150-100 Light
9132-150-200 Dark
Superset 4150 telephones $285 $130
Mitel Superset 4150 backlit telephones 9132-150-102 Light Superset 4150 backlit telephones $250 N/A
Mitel Superset 4150 backlit telephones 9132-150-202 Dark Mitel Superset 4150 backlit telephones $264 $195
Mitel Superset 4090 Cordless Telephones 9132-090-000 Mitel Superset 4090 Cordless Telephones CALL CALL
Mitel SX 20 Console 9102-018-000 Mitel SX 20 Console N/A $375
Mitel SX 50 Console 9104-060-001
Mitel SX 50 Console N/A CALL
Mitel SX 100/200 Analog Brown Console 9110-107-000 Mitel SX 100/200 Analog Brown Console N/A $425
Mitel 200 LCD Console 9108-007-000
Mitel 200 LCD Console N/A $425
Mitel Super Console 9189-000-001
Mitel Super Console N/A CALL
Mitel Super Console 1000 9189-000-301 Mitel Super Console 1000 N/A CALL
Mitel Milink Data Modules 9112-100-000 Mitel Milink Data Modules N/A $60
Mitel Data Set 1103 9141-110-300 Mitel Data Set 1103 N/A $275

Craig Communications sells phones and Components for installation by others. We are not an authorized representative of any of the manufacturers listed and Craig Communications provides all warranties.All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.


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