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DKT 2104-CT Cordless Toshiba phone


DKT 2104-CT Cordless Toshiba phone A sealed lead acid battery is used instead of a more costly Ni-Cad battery. Battery life and talk time is increased, while stand-by time is the same. Two batteries are included with the phone.
30 voice channels are available. In heavy traffic use, the Channel key can select another channel during talk mode.
The RF base unit is separate from the handset charger. This design affords more flexibility to place the base antenna unit and charger in different locations.
The LCD is 2 lines x 16 characters. This is a more user-friendly display of the Strata DK telephone information than the 10-character version.
When the DKT2104-CT is used with a 2000-series digital desk telephone, the Automatic Handset Off-hook Recognition feature makes switching between your desk phone and cordless easier and completely automatic. When a call comes in both telephones ring, and you answer the one you want without pressing the Desk or Cordless button.
Requires a connection to a digital station port or a 2000-series digital telephone.

DKT 2104-CT Cordless Toshiba phone

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About the DKT 2104-CT Cordless Toshiba phone

The DKT2104-CT is a Cordless 900 Mhz Narrow Band Digital Telephone. Compatable with Toshiba DK14, DK16, DK40, DK40i, DK280, DK424, DK424i, CTX100, and the CTX670 digital telephone systems.


The Toshiba DKT 2104-CT Cordless phone requires a Toshiba phone system to operate. Customers are responsible to make sure that the parts ordered are compatible. The best way to make sure you are ordering the right Toshiba DKT 2104-CT Cordless phone is to turn the phone over and look on the bottom for the part number. It should have the following located on the bottom of the phone: " Toshiba DKT 2104-CT Cordless phone ".

Remember, there is a 20% re-stocking fee which we do not enjoy imposing. So please consult with us regarding the Toshiba DKT 2104-CT Cordless phone or any other Toshiba phone system component if you are unsure of what your are ordering. Our goal is your total satisfaction and lasting business.

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