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Craig Communications carries the Toshiba CTX100 Phone System. Also known as CHSUB112A

Welcome to the Toshiba CTX100 phone system solution page. Here, we have a list of components and circuit cards that work in the CTX100 and the Base and Expansion cabinets as well. At Craig Communications, we offer telephones and components for most major brands with a Rock Solid One Year Warranty and at prices your company can afford.


This Telephone cabinet is compact and provides big robust features . It is designed put on a wall and takes up very little space. The processor in this unit can be configured with a 1 or 2 cabinets. A single base KSU can handle a combination of up to 64 lines and stations, while two cabinets which would include the base and expansion, can support up to 112 CO lines and stations. You can expand the KSU's lines and stations by adding Circuit Cards into the slots provided in the cabinets. It is very easy to connect these cabinets to outside public and private lines. All of the stations or telephones that are on this KSU can have direct access to each other, as well as to the public and private network.

If you are searching for ways to enhance your businesses productivity with reliability, this Toshiba CTX100 phone system is a popular choice for many medium to large businesses nationwide. We offer both new and refurbished KSU's and components for your convenience, offering you the same great-quality product you expect from this manufacturer but at a price much lower than traditional rates.

We now carry all the circuit cards, including the T-1 cards, line cards and station cards and are listed below. Even if you dont see your component listed on our site, dont hesitate to call us for pricing. All backed by our one year warranty.

Call us today to compare the differences between all the following products-DK16 Strata, DK424, CTX40, CIX100 or any other brand or component we sell. Call Today! 800-306-3377

Again, if you are not finding what you are looking for on this page, Please call us 800-306-3377. We dont list every item. Some items are in stock but not on our website. Call Today to order!




Toshiba CTX100 Phone System

CHSUB112 CTX100 Base Cabinet with power supply  CHSUB112 CTX100 Base Cabinet with power supply $445 $279
CHSUE112 Expansion Cabinet CHSUE112 Expansion Cabinet $575 $375
ACTU1A System Processing Unit ACTU1A System Processing Unit N/A $249
ACTU2 Processor 32 port License ACTU2 Processor 32 port License $475 $279
ACTU3 System Processing Unit ACTU3 System Processing Unit $525 $425
BWDKU 16-CKT DKT Station Card BWDKU 16-CKT DKT Station Card $449 $429
BDKU 8-CKT DKT Station Card BDKU 8-CKT DKT Station Card $349 $149
BDKS 8-CKT DKT Sub Assy BDKS 8-CKT DKT Sub Assy $305 $249
RCOU3 4-CKT Loop start Line Unit RCOU3 4-CKT Loop start Line Unit $229 $149
RCOS3 4-CKT Loop Start Sub-Assy RCOS3 4-CKT Loop Start Sub-Assy $294 $165
ARCS 4-CKT DTMF Receiver ARCS 4-CKT DTMF Receiver $212 $175
AMDS Remote Maint. Modem AMDS Remote Maintenance Modem $225 $175
LIC100-4 Port Line/Stn License LIC100-4 Port Line/Stn License $190 CALL


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