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Craig Communications-Toshiba IP Phones for your CTX, CIX Telephone Systems

The new Toshiba IP phones also known as the Toshiba IP5000 Telephones, Extend Features of Toshiba Strata Systems Over IP. Toshiba's IP5000 telephones act like an extension of the Toshiba Strata business telephone system, providing access to voice mail, direct extension dialing, call transfer and more. As well, outgoing Caller ID looks like the user is calling from their office telephone, no matter where the call originates. Virtually all of the features of the telephone system are accessible remotely through the Toshiba IP phones.

These new Toshiba IP phones support IEEE 802.3af For Full Digital Telephone Functionality Over IP.

Toshiba's IPT2010-SD and IPT2020-SD are 10 and 20-button telephones, respectively, with two line by 24 character displays, and full duplex speaker phone functionality. Both Toshiba IP5000 telephone sets comply with IEEE 802.3af standards, which allow them to be optionally powered by a variety of third-party, standards-based Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching products that support power over Ethernet. This eliminates the need to power telephones locally and reduces the number of wires on the desktop. This also makes it easier to provide backup power to the Toshiba IP Phones when using a UPS to provide power to the network.

If you are looking for Peer-to-Peer Compatibility, these new Toshiba IP5000 Telephones have it.

Toshiba IP5000 Telephones- Your One Stop Shop. Call Today to Order! 800-306-3377

Peer-to-Peer functionality allows Toshiba's IP 2000-series telephones to communicate with other 2000-series Toshiba IP phone sets directly over IP. In conjunction with the new Strata CIX converged IP telephone system, when a call is made from Toshiba IP phones to another, the voice packets travel over IP directly from one Toshiba telephone to the other, eliminating the need for packets to first travel from a telephone to the telephone system before heading to their destination. This enhancement improves voice quality by reducing latency, and it reduces overall IP bandwidth requirements. Full Compatibility and Smooth Migration.

The New Toshiba IP5000 Telephones are compatible with Toshiba's Strata CTX product family and its new Strata CIX IP telephony system. When configured with the Strata CIX, they will support Peer-to-Peer communication. They will also support future upgrades to the Strata CTX and Strata CIX product lines that will include support for Peer-to-Peer communication on these platforms as well. The most popular models are the IP5122 SD 10 button IP phone and the IP5132 SD 20 button IP Phone. All the Toshiba IP5000 IP phones require a LADP2000-3A Power Adapter unless they you have a power over ethernet device.

The refurbished IPT2010-SD and IPT2020-SD Toshiba IP5000 telephones are now available from Craig Communications. Call today to order. 800-306-3377


Toshiba IP Telephones

IPT 2008 IP Toshiba phone IPT 2008-SDL IP phone CALL $195 
IPT 2010 IP Toshiba phone IPT 2010-SD IP phone CALL  CALL 
IPT 2020 IP Toshiba phone IPT 2020-SD IP phone CALL CALL 

Toshiba 5000 Series IP Telephones

IP5022 SD Toshiba phone IP5022 SD phone $199  CALL 
IP5522 SD Toshiba phone IP5522 SD phone $170  CALL 
IP5122 SD Toshiba phone IP5122 SD phone $235  CALL 
IP5131 SDL Toshiba phone IP5131 SDL phone $404  CALL 
IP5131 SD Toshiba phone IP5132 SD phone $305  CALL 
IDM5060 60 Button IP DSS/BLF Console IDM5060 60 Button IP DSS/BLF Console $350  CALL 
 LADP2000-3A Power Adapter LADP2000-3A Power Adapter $25  CALL 


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