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Craig Communications carries all Refurbished Toshiba DKT Phones.

Welcome to the Toshiba DKT Phone solution page. Here, we have Refurbished Toshiba DKT Phones, including the popular 2010-SD model telephones used with the older Toshiba phone systems. At Craig Communications, we offer all of the older style telephones, including the 2020-SD, the 2010-H and the 2010-H to name a few at prices your company can afford.

As with all of our products, the Refurbished Toshiba DKT Phones have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the highest quality highest quality in the industry. Call us today to discuss how Craig Communications can help maintain your telephone system and keep it working without having to purchase a new system. Call us today! One Year Rock Solid Warranty.

Dont forget that each and every Telephone is disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once the Telephone is reassembled, we have it undergo a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards.They also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test with each phone as well.

Call Today to order any Refurbished Toshiba DKT Phones. 800-306-3377

Many of our competitors simply give their telephones a light cleaning before reselling a "B" or "C" stock product. Craig Communications only sells "A" stock, premium grade Telephones and components to eliminate potential problems and to guard our reputation. Most refurbished parts are so pristine that they are practically indistinguishable from new Telephone parts.




Toshiba DKT Telephones 2000 Series

DKT 2010-H Toshiba phone DKT 2010-H phone N/A $69
DKT 2010-S Toshiba phone DKT 2010-S phone N/A $79
DKT 2010-SD Toshiba phone DKT 2010-SD phone N/A $75
DKT 2020-S Toshiba phone DKT 2020-S phone N/A $70
DKT 2020-SD Toshiba phone DKT 2020-SD phone N/A $85
DADM-2020 Toshiba phone DADM-2020 phone N/A $60
Toshiba HHEU / Headset Adapter HHEU / Headset Adapter N/A $15

Toshiba DKT Telephones 3000 Series

DKT 3001 Toshiba phone DKT 3001 phone N/A $65
DKT 3007 SD Toshiba phone DKT 3007 SD phone CALL  $89
DKT 3010-S Toshiba phone DKT 3010-S phone N/A $79
DKT 3010-SD Toshiba phone DKT 3010-SD phone N/A $89
DKT 3014 SDL Toshiba phone DKT 3014 SDL a phone N/A $95
DKT 3020-S Toshiba phone DKT 3020-S phone N/A $85
DKT 3020-SD Toshiba phone DKT 3020-SD phone N/A $79
DADM-3120 Toshiba phone DADM-3120 phone N/A $75
Toshiba BHEU / Headset Adapter BHEU / Headset Adapter N/A $15

Toshiba DKT Telephones 3200 Series

DKT 3207 SD Toshiba phone DKT 3207 SD phone  CALL $99
DKT 3210 S Toshiba phone DKT 3210 S phone CALL $85
DKT 3210 SD Toshiba phone DKT 3210 SD phone CALL $99
DKT 3220 S Toshiba phone DKT 3220 S phone $185 $89
DKT 3220 SD Toshiba phone DKT 3220 SD phone CALL $99
DDSS 3260 60 btn Toshiba DSS DDSS 3260 60 btn DSS CALL $130
DADM 3220 20 btn Toshiba Add on Module DADM 3220 20 btn Add on Module $150 $85


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