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Craig Communications carries the full line of Toshiba DP5000 Series phones for your Telecommunications needs.

Welcome to the Toshiba DP5000 Series phone solution page. Here, we have Toshiba DP5000 phones, including the popular DP5122-SD phone model used with all the Toshiba phone systems. At Craig Communications, we also offer the 10, 20 and 60 button add-ons, including the LM5110 10 button Add-On, all in stock at prices your company can afford.

If you are searching for ways to enhance your telecommunications sytems, our Toshiba DP5018-S Speaker phone and the DP5130-SDL models are popular choices for many Large businesses nationwide. We offer both new and refurbished Toshiba DP5000 phones for your convenience, offering you the same great-quality product you expect from Toshiba at a price much lower than traditional rates. Please call for refurbished inventory.

All Toshiba DP5000 phones are in stock unused. Call for Refubed pricing-800-306-3377. Both backed by our one year warranty. The Toshiba DP5000 phones work with all Toshiba phone systems. When intalling a Toshiba DP5000 phone on your system for the first time, you must have a certified Toshiba installer program your system to let it know that a DP5000 phone is being added to the system.

Call us today to compare the differences between the DP5018-S, or the DP5122-SD, and all other Toshiba DP5000 Series phone models. 800-306-3377 x 1


Toshiba DP5000 Series Telephones

DP5008 Toshiba phone DP5008 8 Btn phone $117 CALL
DP5018-S Toshiba phone DP5018-S 10 Btn Non-Display Speaker phone $173 CALL
DP5022-SD Toshiba phone DP5022-SD 10 Btn Display Speaker phone $195 CALL
DP5122-SD Toshiba phone DP5122-SD 10 Btn Back Lit Display Speaker phone $226 CALL
DP5032-SD Toshiba phone DP5032-SD 20 Btn Non-Backlit Display Speaker phone N/A CALL
DP5132-SD Toshiba phone DP5132-SD 20 Btn Backlit Display Speaker phone $255 CALL
DP5130-SDL Large Display/Speaker Toshiba phone DP5130-SDL 10 Btn Large Display Speaker phone $311 CALL
DP5130-FSDL Large Display/Full Duplex Speaker Toshiba phone DP5130-FSDL 10 Btn Large Display Full Duplex Speaker phone $324 CALL
Toshiba LM5110 Add-On Module LM5110 10 Btn Add-On Module $238 CALL
Toshiba KM5020 Add-On Module KM5020 20 Btn Add-On Module $188 CALL
Toshiba DDM5060 60 Btn Console DDM5060 60 Btn Console $373 CALL


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