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Craig Communications carries the Toshiba CIX40 Phone System also known as the CHSU40A2-SYS

Welcome to the Toshiba CIX40 phone system solution page. Here, we would like to introduce you to a product that is perfect for a small office that needs robust features. It was designed to accomodate up to 20 users (depending on your networking requirements). You can use it a a single location and expand as your company grows. Or you can use it at all your locations and have them connected/networked together which saves your business money in the long run. This CHSU40A2-SYS cabinet can be all IP or all digital. Or mix IP with digital depending on the needs of your business.

The unit has 100's of calling features that it supports. Voice Mail and Email Integration, unified communications, multimedia collaboration, mobile options and more. By using your cell as an extension, your employees can continue to be productive even when they leave the office.

At Craig Communications, we offer the Toshiba CIX40 phone system because of how reliable it is and at price your company can afford.

If Reliability, Flexibility and Affordability are factors when choosing a telecom solution, then, this cabinet is a perfect candidate and fits all three criteria.

We now carry all the CHSU40A2-SYS circuit cards, including line cards and station cards for the Toshiba CIX40 phone system. Even if you dont see what you are looking for on this page, dont hesitate to call us for pricing. All backed by our one year warranty.

Call us today to talk with a sales rep about the CHSU40A2-SYS that works well for small to medium size companies. You wont go wrong with any of this product line. 800-306-3377

We work hard here at Craig Communications to give you the best customer service in the industry. If you need any help with a configuration for your business, we have technicians here to help you.


When shopping for equipment for your office on the Internet, never shop strictly on price. Service is a major factor that many Internet shoppers overlook. When you shop strictly by cost, you miss the hidden costs incurred when the equipment does not meet your expectations or require additional service. Our prices are competitive AND we stand behind our equipment and components with great service and a Rock Solid One Year Warranty.


Again, if you dont see what you are looking for on this page, Please call us 800-306-3377. We dont list every item. Some items are in stock but not on our website. Call Today to order!

CIX40 Small Office Telephone System

CHSU40A CIX40 Cabinet 3x8  CHSU40A CIX40 system (4 x 8) $599 $449
GTCU2 Processor Card GCTU2 Processor Card $349 $275
GCDU2A Expansion Card GCDU2A Expansion Card $465 $325
GVPH1A 4 Port Voice Mail GVPH1A 4 Port Voice Mail $519 $375
GIPH-X1A IP Card GIPU-8-1A IP Card $549 $379


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